Gold Membership

Welcome to an unparalleled trading experience with Stock Titan's Gold Membership.
With exclusive features and real-time tools, Gold Membership takes your trading game to the next level.

Benefits of Gold Membership

Real-Time News 24/7
Unlike the public feed that is delayed by 15 seconds, our Gold members enjoy access to the news feed in real-time, giving you a valuable headstart in trading decisions.
Real-Time Filters
Tailor your news feed to suit your trading strategy with powerful filters such as exchange, stock price, market cap, shares float, keywords and ticker symbols.
Voice News
Stay updated even when you're away from your screen with our TTS bots that read aloud the titles of incoming news.
Exclusive Watchlist
Access a curated list of top-performing stocks with recent news on our Discord channel daily. This feature will be soon released also on the website, to update dynamically throughout the day.
Ad-Free Experience
Enjoy an uninterrupted trading experience with a clean layout and higher page loading performance, free of ads.
New Features Soon
A continue flow of new features awaits.

Additional Gold Membership Benefits

Priority Support
Experience immediate attention and expert help, within a 24-hour window. We will make you our focus.
Beta Access
Participate in closed beta testing of upcoming features, providing feedback and shaping the final product.
Direct Access
Engage in direct discussions with Stock Titan's Team concerning your queries, constructive suggestions, or requests.

Pricing and Upgrade

The Gold Membership is reserved to our Patreon supporters.
Become a Patreon member for just $50 a month and get access to all our features.

To upgrade automatically, register on the Stock Titan website and on Patreon using the same email.

On your next login, our system will automatically grant your gold privileges.

If the emails differ, add your Patreon email to your Stock Titan profile manually though your user profile on Stock Titan.

Once the system recognizes you, it will assign Gold privileges at your next login.

When your account is recognized as a Gold Member, you will see the logo on the website become gold.

Sentiment AnalysisDiscord

For our Discord server, new Patrons will automatically receive, after the subscription, a link to join the server and redeem the Gold Membership.

If you are unable to find the link to redeem Gold privileges automatically, follow these steps:

  1. Join our Discord server.
  2. Find StockTitan Bot [StockTitan#3084] in the list of moderators
  3. Message StockTitan Bot [StockTitan#3084] with the command: register <your email>

Replace <your email> with the email used on Patreon to confirm your identity and receive Gold privileges.

Subscription Management

You can cancel your Gold Membership at any time following the official guide on Patreon: Cancelling my membership

At Stock Titan, our Gold Membership is more than just a premium subscription. It's an invitation to join us in our mission to revolutionize trading through technology.
Join us today and embrace the future of trading.